Guangzhou Puloka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Luxury designed for women and girls, highlighting unique temperament;


Embroidery technology is adopted, and the interlayer has a sponge, so it feels three-dimensional. It has elasticity and is very comfortable;


Electroplated PC case more textured and glossy, and not easy to crack;


Around the apply leather around the case to bid farewell to the monotonous PC material and increase the aesthetic feeling;


The inside is pasted with microfiber to protect the back of the phone.


Wrist strap holder, freeing up your hands when watching videos with family or movies

Product Style Type

Magnetic suction holster, anti-scratch function, easy to use, with stand function, two-in-one detachable


Applicable models

iPhone series,Samsung series, Huawei series, One Plus series, Xiaomi series, more models contact customer service.

Processing customization

It can be customized according to customer requirements of various cell phone models, printing LOGO, to customize the picture, to customize the sample can be, specific details need to contact customer service.